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Digital strategy

Tekst fra godkjent strategi.


The costs associated with the digital portfolio are invoiced as a part of Offshore Norge’s yearly budget

Offshore Norge’s activities are financed through membership dues, with wages paid as the basis for the division as described in the guidelines adopted and continuously updated by the board of Offshore Norge in accordance with the applicable instruction.

Joint projects and services for the member companies are divided between participating member companies based on the activity conducted and the formula described in more detail in the guidelines.

As and when required, Offshore Norge can serve as an arena for collaboration between the members. The purpose of this type of collaboration is to make provision for and strengthen the utilisation of internal and external resources. With this type of collaboration, dedicated project units will be established, and the activity will have its own management and funding model described in more detail in the guidelines.

Offshore Norge

Offshore Norgeis an employer and industry organisation for companies with activites related with the NCS

More than 100 companies associated with oil and gas activities on the NCS are organised through Offshore Norge.

The ambition is to utilize our resources to further develop Norway as a reliable energy nation.

The main strategic goal is to be an attractive membership organisation for companies within oil and gas, offshore wind, low-carbon solutions and seabed minerals, and through interaction work for:

  • Activity that safeguards and improves safety, the environment and efficiency
  • Competitive and long-term framework conditions and agreements for diverse activity with high value creation
  • Reduction in emissions in accordance with climate targets through electrification, energy efficiency and other low-emission technology

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