Secure identification and authentication for the Collabor8 portfolio


A service to simplify identify and access management in the oil and gas industry.

This is the only entry to some of Collabor8’s most crucial services. Hello identifies and authenticates users, making sure that only those eligible can access the services.

Hello has similarities with how Apple and Google have established their own user account regime, allowing their users to access all their services using the same common user account.

Hello can be used by operators, partners, suppliers, and the Norwegian Government during pre-award, exploration, development, operations, and decommissioning.

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations
✓  Pre-award


There are many reasons for using this service. Here are some of them.

Hello provides consolidated user accounts management and user authentication services across the service portfolio, and enables Offshore Norge to deliver secure access services via the internet. 

Currently the following services uses Hello for authentication: 

  • EqHub
  • GSTR
  • Human Rights Assessment Service (HuRi)
  • Magnet JQS
  • Subsurface 
  • Virtual Inventory 

Simplifies identity management in the Collabor8 portfolio.

Enables Offshore Norge to deliver secure access to services via the internet.

Is built based on reuse of existing products and services available on the market.

Simplifies GDPR compliance.

Provides significantly improved security.

Reuse of users’ existing personal electronic identities (e-ID).

Provides great cost savings (Centralized User Attribute Management).


What is Hello?

Hello is Offshore Norge’s common user authentication service to be gradually taken into use in all relevant applications. It will allow users to access Offshore Norge’s web applications securely from the internet, by re-using existing third party identities like Bank ID to access the service.

Collabor8 Hello – Introduction
Collabor8 Hello – FAQ

What can Hello be compared with?

Hello has similarities with how Apple, and Google have established their own user account regime, Apple ID and Google Account allowing their users to access all their services using the same common user account. It also has great similarities to how the Norwegian government is using ID-porten as a common access regime for access to public facing governmental IT services.

How does Hello handle my personal information?

Please refer to Hello Privacy Policy:


Which third party identities are supported by Hello for authentication?

Hello currently supports the following third party identities for authentication:  

  • Bank ID token 
  • Bank ID mobile 
  • BuyPass (software token mobile phone App available for Android and iOS) 
  • Single-Sign-On (for user organizations federated with hello) 

Note that Hello does not support one-time-password on mobile directly. This is on purpose as Hello’s approach is to re-use existing identities, rather than trigger yet another username and password. 

How do I sign up for a Hello account?

You initiate the Hello sign up process via the “Sign-up” link available on the start page of each Hello integrated Offshore Norge service, or directly on  For more information see information resources available or refer to

How to – Sign-up with Bank ID
How to – Sign-up with Bypass Code
How to – Sign-up with Federation
How to – Collabor8 Hello Admin

My company wants single-sign on (SSO), how do I proceed?

Single sign-on (SSO) and fedeation services will typically be accommodated when the requesting company can justify demand as well as meet other typical technical requirements, including the willingness to cover administrative costs. To learn more, read our federation requirements, or contact


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