Improving worker welfare


A global service for sharing human rights assessments of suppliers in the energy sector


  • Assist in improving worker welfare in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and in line with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation
  • Make supplier human rights assessments more efficient in the supply chain

More specifically the intent is to:

  • Set a common framework for human rights assessments of suppliers by standardising the assessment method and through sharing of results
  • Offer access to 3rd party assessment services to User organizations
  • Remove duplication of Supplier assessments, making it easier for suppliers to demonstrate
✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations
✓  Pre-award


Enables your suppliers to demonstrate respect for human rights, which allow improvement opportunities to be identified and worked on during the execution of their contracts, with the ultimate objective of improving working conditions in the supply chain.

Access to assess your suppliers on human rights compliance.

Access to shared results from human rights assessments.

Set a common framework for human rights assessments of suppliers by standardising the assessment method and share results.

Access to third party assessment services and subject matter experts.

Removes duplication of supplier assessments, making it simpler for suppliers to demonstrate compliance with human rights and reduce industry costs.

Access to the Joint Industry Qualification system and supplier register – Magnet JQS.


What is the cost of this service?

The service is categorized as a “non-basic” service. This means that the user organisations are collectively and equally responsible for all service costs as defined by the annual HuRi service budget. Each assessment is paid for by the Requestor. Contact service responsible for more details. 

Who can join the service?

This is a global service and the general rule is that all energy operators can become a user organization. Other companies are subject to Reference Group approval.

Help and support


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Svein Håkon Fjelltun
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