Enabling efficient transfer of schedule data between different planning tools


Facilitates the processes for the operators to interact in a qualitative manner within logistics operations

The interaction will be done through a neutral and non-commercial data sharing platform based on standardization and master data solutions.

All actors in the value chain can collect data needed for their operation and share their own data to help other actors in the value chain.

The data sharing solution will contain updated, sufficient and accurate data information with high quality level.

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations
✓  Pre-award


Enables actors to collect updated, sufficient and accurate data information with high quality level, needed for their operation

Suppliers need to be able to inform carriers when their consignment is ready for collection.

Bases and operators need information about when equipment will be fetched and its expected time of arrival at the base. Data is also required for tracking a consignment en route. 

The individual player will be able to register their standardised data and thereby help to increase the quality of information in the value chain. That could contribute to better planning of cost-intensive operations related to both vessels and helicopters.

Such a database could improve the quality of planning information related to joint use of vessels, and increase the level of capacity utilization when pooling and sharing vessels (spare deck capacity).

This could also have a positive effect on helicopter-sharing and utilisation of spare seat capacity.

Storage times can be reduced for equipment, containers and leased equipment sent back to shore when an offshore assignment has been completed. The equipment owner is notified about when the equipment will be back at the base and where it is located for fetching.

Logistics cooperation between operators and suppliers.

Predictability in the supply chain.

Increased quality in plan and activity data.


Contact information

Stig Henning Holgersen, Adviser, Logistics
+47 928 09 115 / stig.holgersen@offshorenorge.no