Guide to Petroleum Regulations

On request from the the Ministry of Energy, Offshore Norge established Guide to Petroleum Regulations. The guide is a searchable database of legislation, regulations, guidelines, license and agreement framework in connection with the administrative area of the Ministry of Energy. Regulations and guidelines relating to health, safety and the environment, as well as taxation, are not included in the database.

Guide to Petroleum Regulations was prepared by Offshore Norge and is updated when necessary. Offshore Norge reserves all rights to the database.

The guide can be integrated in member companies’ internal enterprise management systems. Use of the guide is open and public but any kind of copying or other similar utilisation of the manual requires prior written consent from Offshore Norge.

Offshore Norge are not responsible for any errors or omissions that may appear in the guide or supporting documents, links or other references.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the guide, please contact Offshore Norge –

Authority relation Partner relation Law / Regulation License / Agreement framework Guidelines / supervisors / div Solution Notes

Involvement of other stakeholders

Opening of area with an aim towards petroleum activity


Exploration license

Agreements with goal of applying for production licence

Nomination of area for announcement

The production license

Awards in pre-defined areas (APA)

Setting conditions

Involvement of other stakeholders

The production license

The operator

Governance in the Venture

Disposition of the production license

Agreements between independent companies

Governance for licensee

Work commitment and work program

Collection of seismic

Drilling and well activities

Sole risk

Reporting and documentation


Area and production fee, etc.

Authority supervision and monitoring of the petroleum activities

Compensation for fishermen


Liability in connection with pollution damage

Involvement of other stakeholders

The production license

The Operator

Governance in the joint venture

Governance for licensee

Disposition of the production licence

Collection of seismic

Drilling and well activities

Sound production of petroleum

Production schedule

Production requirement

Petroleum recovery

Landing and transport of oil

Deliveries in case of national needs

Gas transport

Metering and sales

Area and production fee, etc.

Third party use of facilities