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Collaboration project

Increased value creation through collaboration About Cooperation between operators and suppliers to improve performance and reduce costs The purpose with the project is to connect operators and suppliers and make it easier for them to interact, solve problems and share data. By collaborating… Read More

Authority Communication

Communicate safely with the authorities About A service for secure and traceable electronic communication between the Norwegian authorities, operators and licensees on the NCS Used by operators, partners and the Norwegian authorities. Available authorities are Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norwegian… Read More

Guide to Resource Regulations

Search base for relevant governmental requirements and deadlines About A search base for legal rules, regulations, guidelines, licensing and agreements related to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy’s administrative area With the Guide to Resource Regulations you can easily find relevant governmental requirements and deadlines. Read More

Logistics Development

Enabling efficient transfer of schedule data between different planning tools About Facilitates the processes for the operators to interact in a qualitative manner within logistics operations The interaction will be done through a neutral and non-commercial data sharing platform based on standardization and master data… Read More


Request critical material from operators and suppliers About The big red button for material The request is approved through Virtual Inventory before all operators on the NCS receive the request. This makes it possible to acquire the necessary material much faster than through normal trade… Read More

Virtual Inventory

Share your inventory to increase collaboration, and reduce cost and delivery time About Sharing is caring Share today, invest in tomorrow. Share your inventory with others to enable sharing economy and increased collaboration between operators. Operators can also trade critical and expensive equipment through the… Read More


An official communication and archiving tool About Designed to comply with the requirements stated in the Joint Operating Agreement An official communication and archiving tool for interaction in the joint ventures on the NCS. Use of L2S is based on acceptance of and adherence to policy… Read More

Human Rights Assessment Service

Improving workers' welfare Read More

Magnet JQS

The primary joint qualification system About Highlight your unique capabilities and offerings in Magnet JQS Operators and contractors (buyer organizations in Magnet JQS) within the energy sector use Magnet JQS (Joint Qualification System) to source, screen, qualify and monitor both existing and potential suppliers in… Read More

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