Privacy Terms

General Privacy Policy (applicable for all services) and privacy policies for each service.

Collabor8 General Privacy Policy Critical EqHub ERA Acute Footprint GSTR ILAP L2S Loop RNB Subsurface Subsurface Virtual Inventory
Current September 2022 See note 2 February 2024 See Note 1 September 2022 See Note 1 See Note 1 February 2024 September 2022 June 2024 April 2024 Februar 2024
Previous September 2021 June 2023 September 2021 October 2022 September 2021 September 2022 September 2022


Note 1 – Not relevant, as the service do not handle personal data
Note 2 – Shares privacy policy with Virtual Inventory

Data Processing Agreement template (DPA) towards our subcontractors

Terms in our standard privacy policy are extended into our subcontractor agreements through our standard DPA.

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