A collaborative platform ensuring efficient data flow, governance and transparency


The new digital SPIR solution is a collaborative platform between operators, contractors and suppliers, to ensure efficient data flow, governance, and transparency between all entities in the SPIR process.

SPIR, (“Spare Parts and Interchangeability Record”) is ensuring spare part recommendations for projects, modifications and operations.

The SPIR process consists of activities from Operators, Contractors, and Suppliers, and needs to be delivered to support repair- and maintenance strategy for equipment units.

This is currently an ongoing project with participants from Operators, Contractors, and IT developer,  whom are specifiying functional requirements, supporting application development, as well as performing testing activities.

By shifting from the traditional SPIR process using excel sheets, operators, contractors and suppliers can;

  • Standardize workflow, roles and responsibilities
  • Improve communication between Operators, Contractors and Suppliers through on common interface
  • Enhance the data quality
  • Reduce the time spent on SPIR
  • API’s with EqHub and ERP systems allows for efficient flow of data


The project team are currently doing user acceptance testing (UAT) to verify that all functional requirements are met.




Communication and collaboration between entities in all the whole SPIR process is simplified through one common platform, and enables real time collaboration.

Improved work efficiency

Improved material master data.

Shortened data delivery schedules.

Improved revisioning.

Achieved regulatory compliance.

Mitigated risks.

Saved time and resouces.

The SPIR process

The first SPIRs were handwritten ->

Later, Excel sheets were used ->

Today, one common platform for SPIR processing, integrating data from EqHub and ERP systems, is used.

The SPIR process

The process has been the same for decades.

The first SPIRs were handwritten.

Later, Exel sheets were used.

Today, one common platform for SPIR processing, integrating data from EqHub and ERP systems is used.

Guides and information


The Guides and information section represents the set of documents regarding the EqHub New Generation. If you require any other document, please contact support@eqhub.no.

For operators

EqHub for operators

For equipment suppliers

Registering products in EqHub
Creating products assembly
How to get access to EqHub

For verifiers

Basic things to know – Verification
Verification checklist

Information material

What is EqHub (full version)
Introduction to EqHub
EqHub new generation onboarding (video)



Contact information

Øystein Arvid Håland, Project Manager, Collaboration
+47 918 76 645 / oystein.haland@offshorenorge.no