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Virtual Inventory is a digital solution for sustainable material management

The NCS operators focus on efficiency, standardisation, and cost savings across all areas. To create a new and forwardlooking offshore oil and gas industry, companies unite to maximise the value and strengthen the competitiveness of the NCS and its representatives.

The challenges the operators face are similar and result in costly routines. A silo-based mindset, dispersed tools, lack of common standards for proper material management lead to radical excess of inventory, environmental and regulatory non-compliance, and over-expenditures.

Virtual Inventory is a single platform for material management aiming to strengthen collaboration in the NCS ecosystem and enable synergies between services.

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations
✓  Pre-award


From now on, operators can access high-quality data available in the Virtual Inventory to find all needed information about tools, spare parts and equipment already in stock from other operators, and by or borrow necessary items.


CAPEX – Eliminating inventory levels, utilising excess materials, fast lead time

OPEX – Saving warehouse, maintenance costs

Safety stock – Via common approach to inventory

Production stops and time – Via increased availability and sharing opportunity

Environmental footprint – Efficient inventory and supply chain management

Waste – Better utilisation of stored spare parts and materials


Cooperation and futher development of the “sharing mindset”

Digitalisation making the industry more flexible, dynamic and open

Cross sales on the NCS and to other industries

Data quality attention and standardisation

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How much does it cost to use Virtual Inventory?

Virtual Inventory is free to use for Offshore Norge’s member companies.

My company is in critical need of equipment, we risk immediate production loss! How can Virtual Inventory help?

  • If you have a user profile in Virtual Inventory
    • Log into the system
    • Click on the big red “Critical” button in the top right corner
    • Fill out the request form
    • A request for materials will be immediately dispatched to representatives of all the collaborating operating companies on the NCS
  • If you don’t have a user profile in Virtual Inventory
    • Navigate to
    • Fill out the request form
    • A CMR handler from your company or from Offshore Norge will approve your request before it is dispatched to representatives of all the collaborating operating companies on the NCS

How do we get access to Virtual Inventory?

If your company is already registered to Collabor8 services:

If your company is new to Collabor8 services:

What is Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID is Microsoft’s cloud product to enable users to enter any application or resource with their identity, regardless of where they are or what device they use. It enables Offshore Norge to deliver secure access services via the internet.

Learn more from our step-by-step guide.



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