Reduce carbon footprint the easy way


Using LoopHub to sell equipment or materials you no longer use means you can free up space, make money and reduce scrapping costs

Surplus material is a challenge for operators. It takes up storage space and can be expensive to scrap or recycle. LoopHub is intended to help companies sell surplus material to other industry players and facilitate its re-use, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.

Operator LoopHub Broker
  • Identifies and uploads surplus material to LoopHub
  • Selects preferred broker, based on the equipment category and/or direct dialogue with brokers
  • Distributes sales to brokers
  • Provides an asset management database with end-to-end overview of all sales through the hub
  • Follows up on logistics and financial settlements with brokers and buyers
  • Sells items
  • Updates to LoopHub in accordance with the sales status
✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Operations


Helps operators and suppliers to handle surplus materials in development projects

Reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Reduce storage space.

Reduce scrapping costs.

No cure, no pay.

Sell surplus materials, make money.

One dedicated point of contact for all sales.

Full traceability and control of all sales across operators, brokers and buyers.

Predictable and reliable invoicing, payment and delivery.

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