Revised National Budget reporting


Reporting of data to authorities and communicate with authorities on the RNB application

According to Section 50a of the Petroleum Regulations, operators must submit data to the revised national budget (RNB). 

The application offers an application where correct data can be reported to the authorities, and partners can be given access to the reporting.  

The application has a built-in communication service with the authorities, where details in the reported material can be discussed, prior to authorities’ approval. 

The application keeps track of the state of a dataset, whether it is approved by the operator, or approved by the authorities or some other state. This makes it easy for both companies and operators to keep track of progress in their reporting of RNB. 

The data is organised in three different modules:

  • Initiation – Where authorities and operators agree on which operator will report on which fields, discoveries and infrastructure
  • Scope – Where operators and authorities agree on which projects to report on and the maturity of the project resources 
  • Data – Where operators report forecasts for cost profiles, emission profiles and sales profiles of the different projects, fields etc.

The current version includes Initiation and Scope phases. Data phase to be published in future. 

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations


Our application forms a single platform for reporting the information, making current spreadsheet distribution obsolete

Includes a secure solution for communicating with authorities.

Includes formal approval and rejection of information by operators and authorities.

Linking approvals and rejections to the underlying data.

Securely data storing and easy accessible for RNB use and making data easy accessible for other digital services and processes.

Saves time and resources.

Guides and information


Norwegian Offshore Directorate’s RNB page

Reporting to the revised national budget – The Norwegian Offshore Directorate (

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Information available within the application.

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