A technical equipment information library


A technical information library for equipment according to standards chosen by the industry

All the major oil and gas operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf have joined forces to use EqHub for technical information documentation.

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✕  Exploration
✓  Operations
✕  Pre-award


Gives users access to up-to-date quality data in a common library, making the exchange of information between companies in the supply chain much less time consuming than before

Access to up-to-date and quality assured data in a common library.

Timesaving digital work processes facilitating exchange of information between companies in the supply chain.


How do we get access to the EqHub application?

Simple – fill in and submit the Sign Up form and you will receive confirmation email from Support with the login details.

What is the cost for the EqHub licence?

EqHub is free. Development and operation of EqHub is paid for by the operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Do you need to sign up for Magnet JQS in order to use EqHub?

No you don’t. However, signing up for Magnet JQS provides the opportunity to directly link to your company’s products in Magnet JQS to the equipment details stored in EqHub. For information about Magnet JQS see Magnet JQS web pages.

What software is required to run the EqHub application?

EqHub is a cloud-based application and the only software required is a standard web-browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.

Will the data be deleted if my company unregisters from EqHub?

No, data will not be deleted – this is for legal compliance.

Does EqHub have en API interface?

Yes, it has (REST API). For further info and system documentation see: 


Who is responsible for entering equipment information into EqHub?

The equipment supplier, manufacturer or its agent. See EqHub information flow and Roles and responsibilities for further detail.

How is data confidentiality handled in EqHub? Who can see my data?

Access to EqHub data is governed by access rights for each company and it’s users. For further information regarding companies’ roles and access rights see Roles and responsibilities page.

How is the information entered into EqHub verified / quality assured?

The equipment information entered into EqHub goes through a detailed verification process carried out by the EqHub Team.

Can manufacturers register equipment information on their own initiative?

Yes, they can – and they are encouraged to do so. The main incentive for doing so is that this provides access to the equipment information to customers and agents.

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