Increased value creation through collaboration


Connecting operators and suppliers and make it easier for them to interact, solve problems and share data


Subsea Pool

One common pool for subsea running tools and equipment, available for all operators on the NCS


  • Basic frame for operating model established – Equinor is service provider
  • Subsea Tool Pool is now operational – New member are welcome to join the pool

Milestones ahead:

  • At this point, no further actions will be initiated from Offshore Norge



IMR Corporation

Corporate within several segments of subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR)


  • Work group has finished their work
  • Draft standard contract, to be used between operators for farm-in on vessels used for IMR purposes, has been developed



TIRC – Technical Information Requirements Catalogue

Consolidate results from READI JIP (Joint Industry Project) with EqHub


  • Agreement between READI and EqHub to integrate part of READI TIRC into EqHub – Established as EqHub Norm
  • An agreement on how to operate POSC Caesar is established, with a new board of directors

Milestones ahead:

  • A new project ongoing to scope the next generation of TIRC – Proposal to be presented Q2/Q3 2024



SPIR – Digitalisation of Spare Parts Process

SPIR in projects


  • A work group is established, with representatives from Aker BP/Aker Solutions, Vår Energi and Equinor
  • Minimum viable product is now available – Testing ongoing Q1 2024

Milestones ahead:

  • Conclution on way forward will be made Q2 2024



Digital Inventory

Make spare parts available on demand in an additive manufacturing process

Digital Inventory video


  • Project established with representatives from Equinor, Vår Energi, ConocoPhilips, TotalEnergies and Aker BP
  • A dialogue meeting between member companies from Offshore Norge and Norsk Industri took place 14 March 2023
  • A film explaining the work process and solution has been made (see below)

Milestones ahead:

  • Common guidelines on how to apply adaptive manufacturing in the industry is being developed – Available Q2 2024



Recirculation of “hard plastic”

Re-use casing and tubing protectors, reduce waste and encourage circular economy


  • Fasilitated contact between operators and suppliers to find areas for increased recirculation of material
  • No further work planned



ILDS – In License Data Sharing

Implement a data sharing model where data flows seamlessly between operators, partners and authorities


  • RNB process (National Budget reporting) – Will be integrated in Collabor8 Subsurface solution Q2 2024
    • Work ongoing to enable RNB reporting in Collabor8 Subsurface for 2024
    • Close cooperation with the Norwegian Offshore Directorate, Gassco and Offshore Norge member companies
  • Standard for reporting of CO2, Methane and NOX data – Standard endorsed by the Operations Committee
  • Projects established for digitalisation of the work processes within the following areas:
    • Work program and budget in licenses
    • Reporting to the Statistics Norway

Milestones ahead:

  • Decide on RNB reporting in new solution Q2 2024
  • Work group established to define standard format for work program and budget – Proposal to be presented Q2 2024



Supplier Competence Registration System

Evaluate the benefits of one common industry solution for supplier employee competence registration system


  • Pre-project presented to the Operations Committee Q4 2023
  • Project based on proof of concept (POC) continues througout 2024

Milestones ahead:

  • Agreement to be established between the seven operating companies and Offshore Norge  Q1 2024
  • Decision on how to operate the solution outside Offshore Norge to be decided Q2 2024



Integrated Lifecycle Asset Planning (ILAP)

Establish a cloud-based solution for transfer of planning data between commercial planning tools 


  • Project between Equinor, Aker BP, ConocoPhillips and Vår Energi to establish a new solution
  • Pilots ongoing between operators and contractor companies

Milestones ahead:

  • Establish a cooperation agreement between Offshore Norge and the project companies
  • Decide on operating model Q2 2024
  • A commercial solution to be in operation Q1 2025


Contact information

Øystein Arvid Håland, Project Manager, Collaboration
+47 918 76 645 /