An official communication and archiving tool for interaction in the joint ventures on the NCS


The first release of the new L2S contains enough functionality to replace the old system, improvements will be added continuously

The new L2S is built on Microsoft 365:

  • Sharepoint and Teams user interface with added L2S functionality in power apps
  • All data and end users are migrated from existing solution to new solution
  • Updated APIs for integration
  • New authentication method: Azure AD

Introduction video on how to access the new L2S
Two factor authentication in L2S

✓  Decommissioning
✓  Development
✓  Exploration
✓  Operations
✓  Pre-award

Training material

Technical information


L2S API documentation

Technical documentation

L2S API Workshop 21 November 2022


Known issues

Bug fixes and updates

For a period after the new L2S was released, new versions with bug fixes and other necessary updates are released every Tuesday evening between 19:00 – 21:00.

Anyone who has access to L2S see Known issues and release notes.

Best Practice

Best practice work processes in licenses on the NCS

The best practices will improve alignment, collaboration and standardisation of routines which will benefit operators, partners and authorities in the licenses. The recommended best practices are to be used for improving license management and are not legally binding.

Best practice work processes in licenses on the NCS.


An operator independent platform with standardised structure across joint ventures

Operator independent platform with standardised structure across joint ventures.

Archive with high integrity.

Facilitates the authorities’ right to observe the progress in a license, ensuring that it is both time and cost efficient.

Affects the whole lifecycle of a field and all parts of the organisation.

Joint venture history throughout the lifetime of a license.

Meets information management requirements.

Simplifies the information sharing tasks required to keep all the parties in a joint venture equally informed.

Provides secure cross company information sharing.


Will the new L2S still be an archive and include archiving features such as versioning and automatic PDF renditions of MS Office files?

YES, all MS Office files will be automatically rendered to PDF/A. Versioning is also available.

Will the new L2S have a different access regime than the old service?

The access principles and best practice guidelines will be continued in the new service.

Will we still get the routing notifications on e-mail?

YES, but please observe that the “Routing” functionality have been renamed to “Message” in the new system.

Who do I contact if I experience any issues or have problems logging into the new service?

As before, end users should contact their superuser. Superuser can escalate a case to the L2S Servicedesk if needed.

What is the connection between Collabor8 Hello and the new L2S?

From 11 October L2S uses Azure AD as as authentication method (previously Collabor8 Hello/EPIM ID). Single Sign On is available as long as you are logged in via your companys Azure AD.

Will messages in the Inbox be deleted after a period or automatically moved to the Archive folder?

Inbox messages will be moved to Archive folder after 3 months.


Contact information


Camilla Lorentzen, Service Coordinator, L2S
+47 936 05 542 /


Monday – Friday (08:00 – 16:00)
+47 23 26 13 94 /

First line contacts are super users in your own company, who will escalate your case to L2S Servicedesk, if needed.