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A platform for information in joint ventures on the NCS About An official communication and archiving tool. An operator independent platform with standardised structure across joint ventures. L2S is built on Microsoft 365: User interface: Sharepoint and Teamswith added L2S functionality in power apps For integration: Updated… Read More


Browse through technical information requirements About TIRC (Technical Information Requirement Catalogue) is a catalogue of standard requirements for equipment documentation Makes it easier to reduce risk and reuse tools. ✓  Decommissioning ✓  Development Exploration ✓  Operations Pre-award Benefits Gives access to common… Read More


Smart data and documents About EqHub serves as a single, controlled, central source of vendor documentation With EqHub, suppliers provide information ONLY ONCE. This significantly reduces their delivery work per project and gives them a competitive edge owing to lower documentation costs. Contractors can greatly reduce efforts… Read More


Share, learn and collaborate on subsurface, production and drilling data About Share, learn, plan and collaborate on subsurface, production and drilling data Operators can share production and drilling data with partners and government in compliance with Norwegian regulations. Users can also plan and… Read More

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