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ERA Acute

Visualization of environmental risk About A software tool to assess and ensure acceptable environmental risk for offshore operations The ERA Acute methodology was implemented as industry standard for environmental risk assessment (ERA) on the NCS in 2019, and the Collabor8 ERA Acute service is a desktop… Read More


Efficient transfer of schedule data between planning tools About The ILAP interface translates the schedules from commercial planning tools to standard format, readable to other planning tools also equipped with the same interface By installing the ILAP adapter, the files can be imported and exported… Read More


An official communication and archiving tool About Designed to comply with the requirements stated in the Joint Operating Agreement An official communication and archiving tool for interaction in the joint ventures on the NCS. Use of L2S is based on acceptance of and adherence to policy… Read More

Human Rights Assessment Service

Improving workers' welfare Read More


Browse through technical information requirements About TIRC (Technical Information Requirement Catalogue) is a catalogue of standard requirements for equipment documentation Makes it easier to reduce risk and reuse tools. ✓  Decommissioning ✓  Development ✕  Exploration ✓  Operations ✕  Pre-award Benefits Gives access… Read More


Sustainable future of data quality and document sharing About Common documentation requirements from the operators are contributing to increased efficiency and cost savings in the industry All operators on the NCS are intensifying their use of EqHub. EqHub provides: Cloud-based solution to help manage standardised data and… Read More


Share, learn and collaborate on subsurface, production and drilling data About Share, learn, plan and collaborate on subsurface, production and drilling data Operators can share production and drilling data with partners and government in compliance with Norwegian regulations. Users can also plan and… Read More

Magnet JQS

The preferred joint qualification system the NCS Read More

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