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Joint Audit (Helicopter)

Standardising aviation audit processes About A service to facilitate the annual “joint audit” of helicopter operators on the NCS. All oil companies are required according to supervisory responsibility “see-to duty”, by applicable regulations to verify compliance by their contracted Helicopter Operators to authority regulations. The “Joint Audit”… Read More

Authority Communication

Communicate safely with the authorities About A service for secure and traceable electronic communication between the Norwegian authorities, operators and licensees on the NCS Used by operators, partners and the Norwegian authorities. Available authorities are Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norwegian… Read More

API Module for Cash Call and Billing

Automated transfer of cash calls and billings About Designed to transfer billings and cash calls in digital format between operators and partners of a joint venture L2S will hold the data in a readable format for auditing purposes, and it can easily be expanded to… Read More

Guide to Resource Regulations

Search for relevant governmental requirements and deadlines About A search base for legal rules, regulations, guidelines, licensing and agreements related to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy’s administrative area With the Guide to Resource Regulations you can easily find relevant governmental requirements and deadlines. Read More


Reporting of emissions and discharges from oil and gas activities About A national database for reporting emissions and discharges from oil and gas activities on the NCS, enabling the industry to comply with regulatory requirements for environmental reporting The improved implemented work processes ensure increased… Read More


Reduce your carbon footprint the easy way About Using LoopHub to sell equipment or materials you no longer use means you can free up space, make money and reduce scrapping costs Surplus material is a challenge for operators. It takes up storage space and can be expensive… Read More

Logistics Development

Enabling efficient transfer of schedule data between different planning tools About Facilitates the processes for the operators to interact in a qualitative manner within logistics operations The interaction will be done through a neutral and non-commercial data sharing platform based on standardization and master data… Read More


Request critical material from operators and suppliers About The big red button for material The request is approved through Virtual Inventory before all operators on the NCS receive the request. This makes it possible to acquire the necessary material much faster than through normal trade… Read More

Collabor8 Hello

Secure identification and authentication for the Collabor8 portfolio About A service to simplify identify and access management in the oil and gas industry. This is the only entry to some of Collabor8’s most crucial services. Hello identifies and authenticates users, making sure that only those… Read More

Security Agreements

Securing supplies and material in the oil and gas industry About A service to facilitate security agreements and security audits on behalf of operators on NCS In accordance with Offshore Norge guideline 091 – Recommended guidelines for securing supplies and materials in the oil and gas industry,… Read More

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