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Reduce carbon footprint the easy way About Using LoopHub to sell equipment or materials you no longer use means you can free up space, make money and reduce scrapping costs Surplus material is a challenge for operators. It takes up storage space and can be expensive to… Read More

Collabor8 Hello

Collabor8 hello Phase-out Collabor8 Hello have been replaced by Microsoft Entra ID Offshore Norge is completing the process to replace Collabor8 Hello as identity provider and authentication mechanism in the Collabor8 portfolio. The service will be replaced by standard Microsoft identity and access functionality called Entra ID, formerly known… Read More

ERA Acute

Analyse and visualise environmental risk About A software tool to assess and ensure acceptable environmental risk for offshore operations The ERA Acute methodology was implemented as industry standard for environmental risk assessment (ERA) on the NCS in 2019. The service is a desktop software application developed… Read More


Integrated Lifecycle Asset Planning About ILAP is a cross industry solution for efficient exchange of schedule data across parties independent of scheduling tools ILAP translates the schedules from commercial planning tools to standard format, readable to other planning tools. Based upon a global and publicly available ISO… Read More


Browse through technical information requirements About TIRC (Technical Information Requirement Catalogue) is a catalogue of standard requirements for equipment documentation Makes it easier to reduce risk and reuse tools. ✓  Decommissioning ✓  Development Exploration ✓  Operations Pre-award Benefits Gives access to common… Read More


Smart data and documents About EqHub serves as a single, controlled, central source of vendor documentation With EqHub, suppliers provide information ONLY ONCE. This significantly reduces their delivery work per project and gives them a competitive edge owing to lower documentation costs. Contractors can greatly reduce efforts… Read More

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