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Authority Communication

Communicate securely with the authorities About A service for secure and traceable electronic communication between the Norwegian authorities, operators and licensees on the NCS Used by operators, partners and the Norwegian authorities. ✓  Decommissioning ✓  Development ✓  Exploration ✓  Operations ✓  Pre-award… Read More

API Module for Cash Call and Billing

Transfer cash calls and billings automatically About Designed to transfer billings and cash calls in digital format between operators and partners of a joint venture L2S will hold the data in a readable format for auditing purposes, and it can easily be expanded to other financial data… Read More

Guide to Petroleum Regulations

Overview of relevant governmental requirements and deadlines About A search base for legal rules, regulations, guidelines, licensing and agreements related to the Ministry of Energy’s administrative area With the Guide to Petroleum Regulations you can easily find relevant governmental requirements and deadlines. Read More


Environmental reporting from oil and gas activities About A national database for environmental reporting from oil and gas activities on the NCS, enabling the industry to comply with regulatory requirements. The service provides a software tool that complies with the authorities’ reporting requirements. It has a standardised… Read More


Request critical material from operators and suppliers About The big red button for material The request is approved through Virtual Inventory before all operators on the NCS receive the request. This makes it possible to acquire the necessary material much faster than through normal trade… Read More

Collabor8 Hello

Secure identification and authentication for the Collabor8 portfolio Phase-out Collabor8 Hello – Phase-out before summer 2024 Offshore Norge has started a process to replace Collabor8 Hello as identity provider and authentication mechanism in the Collabor8 portfolio. The service will be replaced by standard Microsoft identity and access… Read More

Virtual Inventory

Share today, invest in tomorrow About Virtual Inventory is a digital solution for sustainable material management The NCS operators focus on efficiency, standardisation, and cost savings across all areas. To create a new and forwardlooking offshore oil and gas industry, companies unite to maximise the value and… Read More

ERA Acute

Analyse and visualise environmental risk About A software tool to assess and ensure acceptable environmental risk for offshore operations The ERA Acute methodology was implemented as industry standard for environmental risk assessment (ERA) on the NCS in 2019. The service is a desktop software application developed… Read More


Transfer schedule data between planning tools efficiently About The ILAP interface translates the schedules from commercial planning tools to standard format, readable to other planning tools also equipped with the same interface By installing the ILAP adapter, the files can be imported and exported to… Read More


A platform for information in joint ventures on the NCS About An official communication and archiving tool. An operator independent platform with standardised structure across joint ventures. L2S is built on Microsoft 365: User interface: Sharepoint and Teamswith added L2S functionality in power apps For integration: Updated… Read More

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